Laser 4000

Sail into deep waters in search of calm or adventure.

    Easy of sailing     

Sailing is a skill requiring continuous practicing and improvement and our club provides both theoretical and practical courses for our members Here you will learn necessary trick for handling typical cruising dinghy, but also gain advices and learn tricks to navigate racing dinghy and compete other experienced sailors. These courses teach maintaining balance while sailing, increasing speed properly, gybing skills, trapeze skills, proper rigging and many more. 

Sailing a hobie wave

Hobie Wave is probably one of the most popular recreational catamarans at the market and the reasons are many. This versatile, elegant, cozy and comfortable boat suits newbies, as well as experienced sailors. It’s solid construction, easy rigging system, comfortable seats, spacious bow and various additional features make it easy to maneuver, adapted for both relaxing sail and speedy race. It shows great performance in challenging sailing conditions and the price is rather affordable.

Sponsor our Laser events

We are  seeking more sponsors for our Laser sailing events held annualy in Dover.  Major sponsors at the moment are which does sportsbetting advice online. which is a new taxi app based in London and locally. 

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