​We have accumulated below a bunch of useful links that will allow you to find out more information about how to rig / sail and tune your Laser 4000 dinghy to make it go a little quicker. We hope you find the information informative.

If you think there is some information missing then please drop a note on the Chat Forum and we should be able to find someone who can put pen to metaphorical paper.

Boat Set Up

  • Tweaking Tips – guide to those little things you can do on the boat to make it easier to sail
  • Tuning Guide – the official class guide to setting up your Laser 4000 in terms of rig tension, mast rake etc.
  • Measurement Rules Version 5 – rules for whether you can change this or that on the boat
  • Current Rule Interpretations – more information on what you can and can’t change on the boat
  • Weight Equalisation Settings Chart – how to calculate your weights and racks settings to make sure you’re legal
  • Guide to Buying a Laser 4000 – things to look for when buying a second hand boat

Sailing Tips

  • 101 Top Tips – lots of tips on sailing the Laser 4000, as originally published in 4Play magazine (pdf file > 5MB)
  • Strong Wind Sailing Guide – guide to keeping the boat the right way up when there’s a bit of a blow on!
  • Newcomers Training Weekend Presentation – Presentation from the Newcomers Training Weekend 2004


  • Standard Sailing Instructions 2009/10
  • Beginner’s Guide to UK Series Events page