Sailing the boat

​We have accumulated below a bunch of useful links that will allow you to find out more information about how to rig / sail and tune your 4000 to make it go a little quicker. We hope you find the information informative. If you think there is some information missing then please drop a note on the forum and we should be able to find someone who can put pen to metaphorical paper.

Document Title


4K Buying GuideThings to look for about buying a quick secondhand boat
4K Tweaking TipsGuide to those little things you can do on the boat to make it easier to sail.
101 Top TipsAs originally published in 4play - guide to lots of little things (Note: 5.6MB File)
4000 Newcomer Training PresentationThe presentation from the Newcomer Weekend March 2004
Tuning GuideThe 'official' class guide to setting up your 4000 in terms of rake, rig tension etc.
Strong Wind Sailing GuideMore details on how to keep it up when there's a blow on!
Weight ChartWhere to put your leads and your racks to make sure you're legal
Measurement Rules v5Can you change this or that on the boat
Current rule interpretationsMore on what can you change - check here first for the latest information
Guide to Laser 4000 EventsIdeal for newcomers - details on what's the course like, when to turn up at 4000 class events
2006 UK Series Notice of RaceFormal Notice of Race, provides the definition of the events etc
2006 Standard Sailing InstructionsThe Standard Sailing Instructions under which all 4000 events are sailed