Best Asymmetric Racing Dinghy Models

Whether you are experienced, veteran sailor or a newbie attracted to this ecquisite sport and fun, and whether you prefer recreational, cozy sailing tours with your friends or competing with other sailors, there has to be a dinghy model to suit your needs. Dinghies remain their global popularity among sailing lovers worldwide due to numerous excellent features and traits they integrate. Depending on your preferences, sailing experience, total budget and many other aspects, you may opt for varios models, but here are brief reviews of the currently top ones at the market.

International 14 and Foiling Moth

These two models proudly labeled as international truly deserve their status and reputation. As the constructions implementing the latest engineering trends, newest materials and sailing features, these two models provide superb sailing powerf, commodity and maneuvering possibilities, which makes them favorite dinghy models among talented and VIP sailors. Both models are constructed out of carbon fibre, which makes them extremelly lightweight and their narrow-elegant shapes are more adapted for racing, but serve recreational sailing as well. The latest trend in dinghy desinging includes airborne tacks, advanced gybes, comprehensive rigging systems and impressively large mainsail and jib sailing area. All of this gives astonishing power to these models, but additional features guarantee safe and adventuous sailing.

RS 100 singlehanding dinghy

RS-100-singlehanding-dinghyWhen it comes to racing asymmetric dinghies, this model is currently under the spotlight. It was released onto market a decade ago and its selling rates are still huge worldwide. It’s designed solely for single piloting, preferably for boat races and therefor is commonly seen model in various sailing competitions and championships. Its excellent performance is due to elegant, sharp shape and design, large sailing area, practical rigging system, narrow hull and gennaker providing significant power, but safe and steady sailing.

RS Feva dinghy

And for something completely different, RS launched RS Feva, an ideal asymmetric racing dinghy for juniors and teenage sailors categories. This slightly robust, steady, safe, practical, but cool in so many ways boat features construction adapted for double sailing, large sailing area and rigging system easy to control. The mere construction and various additional features leave plenty room for mistakes, yet provide safe and exciting sail and those are all the reasons teenagers worldwide are opting for this attractive dinghy.

49ER FX dinghy

If you catch up with the latest news coming from sailing industry regularly, you are probably familiar with this attractive, relatively new dinghy racing model. It was launched recently and designed specifically for Olympics and women sailing categories. It is a doublehander based upon powerful gennaker, extremely lightweight construction, large sailing area of mainsail and jib and advanced rigging system. It is known for its superb efficiency, versatility, capability to develop significant speed and perform astonishing maneuvers, while being less likely to nose dive or decrease speed and balance while gybing. It was introduced as Olympic model for female teams and meant to be model for professional sailing, but it is often seen cruising bays with two random sailors using it for recreational purpose or practicing for tournaments.

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