4Play Magazine

4Play Magazine is the class magazine which has lots of useful and informative articles on sailing the boat and some other more useless and scurrilous info from the boat park! We now distribute this electronically in PDF format as it reduces the overall costs of the association.

Please feel free to email the 4play editor if there is anything you’d like to see featured – perhaps you’d like to put pen to paper and write some copy; it’s not just the experienced class sailors that have submitted articles. Oh and we like lots of lovely photos so please email them across as well, action based shots or ‘off the water frolics’ will be enjoyed by all.

Click on the Issue Number below to download and view the PDF.

  • 1/2007 – Capricious Cagliari, UK Series Round-Up, Nationals Preview, Caption Competition
  • 2/2006 – ROCKing Nationals, Inteview with the Champion, Caption Competition, Nationals & Euros 07 Preview
  • 1/2006 – Glorious Garda! UK Series Update, What not to say to the Crew
  • 2/2005 – Nationals & UK Series Roundup, Rock & Garda ’06 Previews, Interview with A Champion, Camption Competition
  • 1/2005 – Back in business with features on Beautiful Bandol, Nationals Preview, ‘Hunk of the month’, Euros Top Tips
  • 2004 – Unfortunately no copies were produced this year due to the then editor Jurgen, becoming a love sick puppy!
  • 2/2003 – 4000′s from the female perspective, Spatial awareness by God, alternative top tips
  • 1/2003 – Meet the committee, First TIme Perspective, Olympic wannabees come to the 4K Nationals
  • 2002 – Nationals 2002, Garda and Eurocup Review, Quiz of the year
  • 2/2001 – Nationals 2001 (Plymouth) News
  • 01/2001 – All the Garda 2001 Goss and Shenanigans